We rescued Emblaze in April 2020 during the pandemic.

She is a Thoroughbred mare, 8 years old, who raced well for 5 years. Luckily for us, she is still sound except for a little arthritis in her left front knee. Had she not ended up with us, she would have been bred and become a broodmare. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the situation for horses is more desperate than ever, people are losing their jobs, and people have to choose between feeding their horses or themselves…it’s a frightening time. Now more than ever, racehorses nearing the end of retirement are more likely to end up slaughtered (either now or when they can no longer produce offspring).

Now we get to rescue her from a life-ending like that. And along the way she will help us to learn new things about animals, training, and ourselves. We get to ‘reprogram’ her into the loving, safe, willing partner we know she can be. We just have to teach her to love people again, first. Do you feel the same way? If you feel you can relate and would like a lesson in how to love again, then our programs are for you. Watch live as we share our training techniques so you can see the unedited transformation. No matter what you are struggling with, observing how we lovingly help these animals to know the benefits of being in excellent human care and watching them blossom, will give you the trust and confidence you need to know that real change and happiness are possible with love. Support the ResqRanch, today!


For those of you burning with curiosity, yes we did make it to the Meeker Mustang Makeover with Cesar, and what an adventure it was!  We left a few days early with Cesar and Dominic the Donkey as yearling-sitter, for the event in the first winter storm of the year, not fun. We got lost on the way to our lodgings and a 5-hour trip took 8. The next day we went to the fairgrounds to practice, only to find the arena 12 inches deep in slick mud which Cesar did not appreciate. The day of the event was a whirlwind of new sights, sounds, smells (cows, sheep, overhead PA speakers, screaming kids, etc.), and a swirling mass of people and beautiful Mustangs doing amazing things, even jumping into the back of a flatbed truck! Every time we would take Cesar out of his stall at the fairgrounds for a practice run without Donkey, he would bray in exasperation, his calls thundering across the fairgrounds. So much so they actually had to once even briefly stop the national anthem! We thought he was there to babysit Cesar, but it seemed to work the other way around. The girls completed the obstacle course with Cesar and won college scholarship money.  We then successfully won our bid at the auction on Cesar the baby wild Mustang, so now he is a permanent addition to the ResqRanch! It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time, and a wonderful learning and growing experience for the girls,  Cesar, and our beloved donkey.  I learned a lot more, too, about the plight of the Mustang and how the herds double in size every 4 years with no good means of management so they don’t starve to death other than the necessary continual rounding up of the horses and putting them in holding pens, to the current tune of 50,000 animals. 

I spoke at length to the announcer about the logistics of bringing an event similar to this one, closer to the Denver area. My only concern with it all was the lack of positive reinforcement training I noticed being used on the 15 Mustangs at the event. Perhaps my HORSES101 program, with the emphasis on positive reinforcement,  could be combined with the local 4H to bring a Mustang training event to our area. I have already had volunteers step up to assist if we decide to put this together, even if it takes a year or two. If this sounds like something you would like to get some more information on how to help out with, please email us at the hospital. Although the world seems to be upside down these days, one thing we can count on is that there are animals in need, now more than ever, who need our help. If we all do a little bit, we can end the need for shelters, rescues, and Mustang holding pens, in the first place.