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Our vision is to educate, inform, and inspire through the rescues in our care.

As the premiere R+ (positive reinforcement) focused animal sanctuary in the country, we teach the principle that rescuing animals rescues us. We believe, that through education, we can strive to end the need for shelters and rescues, in the first place. We provide free and fee classes to children and adults on all things related to animal care, training, and safety for all involved.

True to our mission, we are SO excited to share with you that our Horse Training Masterclass video replay, is available NOW! Click the Link Below!


To learn more about us, and what we are about, check out many of our YouTube videos (link on the homepage), where DrQ, holistic veterinarian, fish expert, and Professional Animal Trainer explains simply how to best care for and train animals in a series of free short videos. Like what we do? Then please subscribe to this channel! For email updates visit us here http://www.DrQandU.org, so that when we launch our courses StealMoreYears, HORSES101! (the one we have been doing for the community for FREE, for years now), and for the date when when we will be giving the next LIVE version of the Masterclass, you will get the first invitation!

The Masterclass is a deep dive in how we use positive reinforcement, scientifically proven, to be the fastest, easiest, best way to keep animals healthier and happier longer, and train ANY animal, to do ANY thing! And if YOU have gotten value from any videos on this channel which have enhanced the relationship you have with the animals in YOUR life, then PLEASE donate! This helps us so that we can continue to rescue more horses and expand our programs. We adopted 3 new rescues during the pandemic alone. Due to all the craziness with the COVID19, now more than ever animals are in need of finding homes and funds are running out to care for them. If we all do a little bit, we can together have a great impact for good. Thank you in advance you animal-loving Pet Parents out there, please submit comments below, and my promise to you, is to continue to bring you great FREE health and training advice. Yes, that’s right. If you want to know, so do 10 other people. So if you have a training or health question about ANY animal, dog/cat/bird/horse/donkey/wallaby/fish/whatever, put it in the comments below, subscribe. Why? Because I am DrQ, here to help YOU have the most amazing relationship with animals you ever dreamed possible! Thank YOU for loving the animals! 🙂

If you missed the last LIVE training of DrQ’s How To Train Any Horse, To Do Anything, By Anyone, you can now purchase the replay in the red link above.

Please note this class is mandatory for anyone wishing to volunteer to work with any of the animals in our sanctuary. We look forward to sharing the dream that is horses, with you!

Please see below for more information about our past and upcoming classes and programs we offer. For up-to-date information on all of our programs, please like and follow our Facebook page ResqRanch and Aspen Park Vet Hospital.

EVENT, MAKE YOUR DREAM OF FOXHUNTING COME TRUE!: 12 week, haul in, one day per week, one horse, and one dog training sessions, with one epic end goal: TO RIDE Bitless, in the company of other horses, with loose dogs (either yours or other trained dogs), over obstacles (logs, water, fences), safely, and easily! WITHOUT THE FOX OR THE BLOODSHED!

Dog training classes will be in the am from approximately 10-noon, then horse training will commence in the afternoon session.

Participants will be encouraged to join the class for two epic field trips at the end of the summer session, 1) Haul in for a day of fun at the Colorado Horse Park, and 2) Haul out for an epic day of trail riding in the Rocky Mountains!

Awards will be given for the best positive reinforcement trained horses and dogs!

Rules for participation:

1) Must have taken the Horse Training Masterclass in the past year

2) Bit use by veterinarian behaviorist prescription ONLY

2)No whips or crops

3) Clickers and pointers required

4) Must be physically fit enough to ride safely at speed

5) Homework required between sessions will include at least two, 2 hour training sessions

Cost is $175 each daily session for three people, dogs, and horses to attend all 12 sessions, or $2100 each and is the best deal. However, if 2 people take the class together, the cost for them is $500 each (x12 weeks), and individuals wanting private sessions the daily training fee is $995.00 (x 12 weeks).

Remember this is WORLD CLASS instruction using the scientifically proven best, safest, and fastest method to train any animal to do anything. So if you are ready to live out your dream of foxhunting safely through the countryside, but with your OWN dog and WITHOUT all the bloodshed of killing foxes, then this spectacular first of it’s kind EVENT is for YOU! Reserve your spot today!

For those who don’t want to haul in once a week, note board and train is available, see more details below.



Please join us for this FREE dog and puppy socialization class offered once a week, Saturdays and Wednesdays at Aspen Park Vet Hospital.

puppy training.jpg

This is not a class with COMMANDS where we boss our dog’s around. This is a winter social hour. It’s cold outside and hard to get our dogs enough physical exercise, so let’s take it indoors with a little MENTAL exercise, which is just as effective at stimulating our dog’s brains and optimizing their (and your) emotional well-being. Come join us for a fireside chat, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let’s talk about your favorite dog movies, or whatever training and behavior issues you might be experiencing, and let’s add some quality time with our dogs to our lives!

  • This course is led by Professional Animal Trainer and Veterinarian Dr. Q, founder of the ResqRanch.

  • The class is FREE but donations are appreciated to help us continue to bring you more classes like these, and more!

  • The class is free how registration is appreciated, please call Aspen Park Vet at 303-838-3771. Hope to see you soon!


During the summer of 2023, we are excited to again be offering a class suitable for all ages. We like to call it Hike with Horses! Although, there may be a sweet donkey or two available for love and cuddles, as well. For more information, please keep reading!

Great one all the horses in the fall walking HORSES 101 kids.jpg

Hike with Horses!

Come take a scenic walk with us and our rescue animals (horses and donkeys)!

You are welcome to drop in for any of the classes to observe, ask questions, and join our stroll in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. All events occur in Conifer, Colorado. If you would like to participate in handling, grooming, and/or walking the animals, you will first need to attend DrQ’s Train Any Horse, To Do Anything, By Anyone 3 hour online horse training Masterclass.

Walkers and Hikers ages 5 and up are welcome to join us. Spend some time outdoors, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and amazing animals, and help us keep our rescue animals socialized, clean, and in good shape. “It’s good exercise for all of us!” says DrQ the Life Coach for Pet People. We hope you will join us for some or all of the walks!

There is a suggested $25 donation per person for taking the introductory class. Hikes are a suggested donation of $5 each. Please RSVP on the ResqRanch Facebook page. Hope to see you!

World-Class Horse Board-N-Train

Here is a look at what the board-n-train program looks like at the ResqRanch.  Your horse is evaluated twice a day by a trained veterinary professional, both morning and night for any signs of health issues. Your horse’s daily turnout is performed by a trained behaviorist, who will ensure to reinforce only the behaviors you want, and never offer an opportunity for a horse to practice any undesirable behavior (eg pushy, pawing, etc.). You and your horse are evaluated based on the goals you wish to achieve, and then given weekly homework assignments. Assignments are graded weekly. Then, each month, boarders will have a private training clinic with a science-based trainer, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate what they have practiced, and get help and advice on how to get even better. Of course, that’s not all, this is keeping animals in top professional care, and not simply stashing them in a stable subject to whatever may come by.

If you are looking for this kind of world-class care and handling of your horse, please contact us to reserve your space. Daily turn out, health charts, cleaning, unlimited grass hay, and (your) blanketing as needed, are standard. Average rates will vary from $1200-$2400/month depending on the size of the animal and level of training. Spaces are limited. Reservations currently being accepted and can be submitted via email at this website.


Do you love your dog practically like a child? Then please join us at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Conifer, Colorado, for a “walking” training class appropriate for all ages and breeds of dogs! Whether you have a new puppy who needs some socialization, an adult who needs practice and companionship, or an older dog who needs to keep joints moving, all ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs are welcome! During our relaxing, healthy, walk in a serene setting, enjoy animal behaviorist and speaker, Dr. Jena Questen, veterinarian and animal expert, discuss topics such as learning how dogs think, problem-solving, proper socialization, and why great behavior is CRITICAL for good health and long life! While giving lots of tips, tricks, and little life hacks on how to get your beloved canine companion to be the most loving, well-behaved, and admirable dog you have ever had the joy of taking on a walk, anywhere, anytime! All are welcome, join us! These sessions are at no charge! If you love it, please donate to the www.resqranch.org, and tell your friends. Call Aspen Park Vet Hospital for information about class times.

  • Additionally, we are currently in the process of creating a Train-The-Trainer program to empower our educators and reach more people passionate about the mission of The ResqRanch.

  • Our HORSES 101! program is available for your equine facility, contact us for details and scheduling. Class’s are tailored towards any audience, from adults to children ages 5-10, professionals and beginners.  Call us TODAY to schedule a FREE program at YOUR facility!

  • Follow us on Facebook, ResqRanch, to hear about upcoming events, programs, and activities.

  • Would you like us to present a free training at your facility? We would love to! Please drop us an email and we will work on getting something arranged right away!

  • New classes coming are seminars on self defense and fitness for you, and Shutzhund training for your dog. We are currently seeking to hire a Positive Reinforcement Shutzhund dog handler/trainer. Why? Because when you are fit, you are healthier, and safer around horses. And most horse lovers also have dogs and would like to enjoy learning about training both their dogs, and their horses, and even train them to be better, together.

Please take me to Aspen Park Vet Hospital!

Please take me to Aspen Park Vet Hospital!

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